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A good idea would be to have a breaching function. Having the ability to place charges to blow doors or walls up for entries.


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see 0003376 , 0004900 and 0005824

The explosives specialist have door charge for blow open the door or two teammates can break open the door with their physical strength.

He have a good technical description with all binded features, open it please :(

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Breaching charges are a great idea Jawbone556.

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Why do you need to breach a door when doors cannot be locked.

Hopefully doors will become lockable in a future version.

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Breaching doors would also obviously stun the people inside a bit, thus making it another reason to breach instead of just open the door.

Swat 3 anyone! I loved that game and Arma reminds me of it in some ways. Would be badass to have a similar breaching system as that game had. Optics that go under doors, flashbangs, c4 charges, a wand to peek around corners, you name it! Of course performance would need to be ironed out before something like that should be implemented. But here's another idea. Add those engineer robots that look like small tanks with bomb disposal abilities. I think this game could use more close quarters battle aspect to it but maybe something to focus on more down the road once they improve game performance and iron the bugs, glitches etc. This game would be super badass then....

Good idea.

Mandatory even