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Picking Up Weapons and Magazines Annoying
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Wouldn't it be easier if the A3 inventory system was the same as A2, i.e. as a weapon is picked up, so is an inventory of magazines. I find the current "pick up weapon; pick up one magazine; wait for load; pick up rest of magazines" routine really annoying, and if I drop a weapon and pick up another one, even if they're the same type, I still drop all the magazines and have to go through the routine again.

It would be simple to fix this: make the inventory system concerning weapons and magazines the same as ArmA 2: for each weapon picked up, so is an inventory of magazines, eliminating the waiting time and the long crate selections.


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I prefer new system. In arma 2 , want it or not, you are stuffed with 12 magazines in a fraction of a second. Not quite realistic. Anyway, you spend time putting some back. What if i want to take tracer mags or belt mag?

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I voted up, but still i dont like both options. First what bluesman says, I might not want 12 mags, i might want tracer etc. But putting back - lets say 6 - will take quite some time.

In the new system (YES ALPHA!) it takes quite long to get them into your inventory too. So yes, not really satisfied with both yet.

Load the magazines first then the rifle, there is no loading animation to wait for.

I agree, this new system may be more realistic, but in practice it is more annoying and time consuming having to pick and attach everything separately. Also grabbing a rifle of a dead body results in walking around without ammo, you need to add the mags separately too again, not so nice if you are in the middle of a firefight. Also in the gear menu I don't see half the stuff the unit is carrying, you have 2 grenades, but if you look in the gear, they aren't there, same with other things. Also with mission making you have to add a ton of separate things now per unit which currently is also causing issues after a respawn. I will learn to live with the new system though, eventually.

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While I like the new modular nature of it, I really dislike the GUI. Especially the fact that you have to SCROLL to see everything. That was one big thing A2 had over this new system: you could see everything instantly and clearly.

voted up, I agree with the inventory system needing work, but how it is, is good. I'd say when taking your first magazine, you should NOT reload automatically, rather take what you want, and then when exiting the inventory, you can hit the relaod action.

Also if you have to pickup all your mags individually, then you have to swap them out individually, thus if you do take another weapon of same ammunition you can keep what you have.

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