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CPU usage goes to 100%
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After about 20 mins of play (Very smooth play at around 40fps) my CPU goes to 100% and my frame rate drops quite severely. According to my monitor all 4 cores are being utilized.



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Play for a period of time and eventually the game slows right down.

Additional Information

AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4ghz
16GB DDR3 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance
Nvidia 560Ti 1GB
Sabertooth 990FX
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

All Drivers, Firmware up to date at time of posting. Also included DXDiag for additional info.

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Same to me, maybe is the ammount of Vram what cause this. i have 1GB too but in a GTS 450 :(

Try to disable all non-essential processes in the background and try it out, including anti-virus. I know it probably won't do anything, but may be valuable information to the development team.

There are times (been a long, long time myself) where a process can react to another process running, and cause erratic behavior on part of the second process (in this case Arma 3).

Did you also try 314.07 official and this happened?

Had a go this morning with disabling my antivirus and a few other things that were running but nothing changed. Tried rolling back video driver's as well. I never used to get this in A2 or OA but being an alpha it could be anything.

A side note even setting my Graphics quality on lowest makes no difference at all when it does it. Memory usage is also showing to be at 29%.

Does this only happen in arma 3?
Now this may not be the case but one thing may be that its overheats, it downclock to idk 1ghz (idk exactly what it downclocks too), where it then suddenly isnt fast enough to keep up with the game, you get 100% load on all downclocked cores but as they are much slower now, they cant keep the framerate up.

Just some speculation :P

Have you tried using the flushing?

SHIFT + Minus and type FLUSH

I have a beast of a cooler and I monitor my temps so it isn't that. Yes its only Arma 3 that does it. I'll try the flush function when I get home later and ill update.

I have a GTX680 OC 2Gb and I7 3820 and 28Gb of RAM DDR3 1600 and OS at SSD Vertex4.... and I have a low FPS (18-60) and low usage of my hardware (6%-12%).

CPU usage: 6%-20%
GPU usage: 6%-25%

CPU: I7 3820 LGA2011 @4.0
RAM: 28Gb DDR3 1600
GPU: GTX680 OC 2Gb
OS: Win7 Pro 64bits at SSD Vertex4


This is the wrong thread. This thread is for usage in which the CPU is throttling to 100% and staying--harming performance over time. This is not concerning low usage for the GPU/CPU.

Post your issue here:

Tried the Flush command tonight but still no luck. :(

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