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improved squad.xml / in-game player profile
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As we all know the current squad.xml format is still the same for over 10 years and it's a bit outdated...

Some ideas to add/modify:

  • remove the ICQ field (nobody uses it anymore), add Facebook, Twitter and Youtube instead or give custom fields (eg. <social><Facebook>some url</Facebook></social>)
  • add a description to the squad, so clans/communities can tell something about themselfs.
  • add a ranking functionality for the squad members. Preferably customized, but we could live with the in-game ranks.
  • add a second (per member) image which can be shown at the other arm, so we have a squad image (also shown at vehicles) and a rank/custom image.
  • run the squad description and the member remark through the format function, so we can create better looking profiles. {F17807}


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A great post at the BIS forums by Jerry Hopper also addresses this issue and gives some other great ideas for improvement:

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Also it would be nice to have soldier models that display the squad's logo on their sleeve as they did in ARMA 2 and OA for some types of soldiers (Czech ACR for example).

Or on their hats? there's caps with some logo in alpha already.

As for the logos; the units could have multiple hidden textures, which enables us to either add textures ourselfs, or automaticly by the engine. Same applies for nickname (like nametag on chest) and clan/squad rank images.

this should be an in-game feature, this is the year 2013! Also see here for the logo on Shoulder.

Would be great if they can realy improve the Squad.Xml

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Since Alpha to Beta v.070 the Ghosthawk and Blackfoot show the xml image "AEF" back too front on the pilots right side. No road vehicles to date show xml images.

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I join the request of: replacement tag "ICQ / IM" and custom images for each member of the squad!


Nice feature request