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Cannot surface water
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When you go in water and dive under you cannot surface correctly. For me my vision just starts to go black even when im on top the water.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. go into water
  2. Dive under
  3. Try to surface

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Are you doing this while using a non-diver archetype?

I was not able to reproduce the issue with the steps that you posted.

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Just encountered this today in a MP mission. I (explosive specialist) entered the water over a few rocks and swam for ~ 30 m. Couldn't dive and although my character was clearly surfaced he drowned.

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I also had this problem today. I was playing a MP mission "wasteland" and I swam out to the island to the far north, and also to the island to the north-east, I was in as a medic, and I did not have a wetsuit nor a rebreather. I managed to survive both of the swims, but even while on the surface of the water I was drowning. I was able to get air after repeatedly diving then resurfacing, after a few tries I would usually breaks the surface and get some air.

Yeah there's this problem.
Easy way to fix it is to look up/down repeatedly until you hear your soldier taking a breath in 1st person.

EDIT: Forgot to say that it happens more often (way more often) in MP enviroments

What method are you using to resurface? Swimming up or the dedicated key? I find the former to be very unreliable as well.

EDIT: If so, duplicate of #285