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Gameplay tutorial for beginners
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Hello all,

This game provides the player with alot of information at the beginning.
For new players (like me) this might be overwhelming and they don't know what to do or how to fully understand the game and use it to its full potential.
Another problem this might cause is to scare the player, if they can't get a grip on the gameplay they lose their intrest and start playing it less and less.

I know their are guides in-game that show you how to game works but it doesn't give you 100% clarity how the game works.

A way to fix this confusion is some sort of tutorial at the beginning. Maybe a bootcamp will fit in perfect?

Anyone else got the same experience as I do?


Mitch (aka Reduxion)


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This is a alpha, for engine testing. In others ARMA's, there's some missions for S.P that shows you how to play, so I bet ARMA3 will have these tutorials.

as the other poster said, this is an alpha build, not feature complete, etc etc, not to deter you from playing but the game at this point is meant more for the long time players who already know what they're doing and can test things. im sure there will be tutorials in the final release build

Upvoting, because I can only imagine and can hardly remember what it felt like picking up a milsim for the first time (OFP for me).

Ah alright, kinda stupid of me could have come with such a thing myself since it's alpha.. Thanks for your awnsers anyways!

Same as Reduxion

That's my first try into the "Arma" World and... well, I'm lost into the multiplayer (even with the little tutorial about the basic mouvement).

I see a lot of TK and I've make some too.

How know who are friends and who are opponents? (without 'friend-signs')

I know that's an Alfa and I'm pretty sure that the game would be "different" (I think: add favourite server, friends,....) so about this point I wouldn't write more...

It's just to give a +1 and hope that for final version we can have a "guide for ..." (I'll be the first who will read them ^_^

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

"How know who are friends and who are opponents? (without 'friend-signs')"

  • learn the differences in appearance of uniforms and equipment;
  • learn different weapons' sounds;
  • try to move in such a way (=cautious, =look around), that you have as much as possible time to identify seen units;
  • try to keep track of where are your friendly forces and where is the frontline;


  • try simple and small scale missions first;
  • train offline, before jumping into (sometimes) crazy multiplayer environment;
  • search for available and unclassified resources about how modern military works.

Don't worry, this will come with time ;)