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Flying and free look doesn't lock HUD
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When you are flying and hit * to be able to free look the HUD for the weapons move with your head movement. This would be fine if the guns/rockets shot where you looked, but they don't and I think the HUD should stay locked in the neutral position like when you have free look off. Makes it difficult to fly with free look and trying to aim the rockets on ground enemies.


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I was just flying the helicopter in the In Game missions for the Helicopters and in that helicopter when you are flying and want the ability to free look press * on the numpad so your head can turn and free look. Notice the hud moves with your head and try and fire rockets and guns reliably. Really can't, now lock your head in place by pressing * on numpad again and now fire rockets and guns.

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Think its in the KA60 if that is the correct name. Noticed it on the heli doing the Showcase for helicopters if that wasn't clear enough. You have hydras and guns, that heli isn't the Apache. I would assume the recital site would stay stationary.

Nowadays most helicopters are equiped with helmet mounted systems (HMS) so i'd expect to see it in 2035 too

I would assume then the guns at least follow your head movement then as well like the apache!

No because HMS is not only for "aiming" it's also for navigating while scouting the area around you to avoid tunnel vision

I believe the HUD is on the visor

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I've already posted about HUD in Ka-60 and suggested how to make things easier for pilots.

And please check out the pictures, AFAIK the HUD in helmet actually shows where are weapons aiming, because there is no point having HUD in helmet if it doesn't shows up where weapons are aiming to.

"A helmet-mounted display (HMountD - pronounced "H-mount-D") is a device used in some modern aircraft, especially combat aircraft. HMDs project information similar to that of head-up displays (HUD) on an aircrew’s visor or reticle, thereby allowing him to obtain situational awareness and/or cue weapons systems to the direction his head is pointing. Applications which allow cuing of weapon systems are referred to as helmet-mounted sight and display (HMSD) or helmet-mounted sights (HMS)."

Notice the "thereby allowing him to obtain situational awareness and/or cue weapons systems"