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Ka-60, display a map on the second MFCD.
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The Ka-60 at the moment uses both Displays in the Cockpit to show the player the Helicopters attitude. It would be much more useful if the pilot could see a moving map (possibly with markings, just a copy of the M map) on one of them. This would increase situational and tactical awareness of the pilot, since he doesnt have to open the map all the time. Real-Life military helicopters all have a GPS integrated, so it wouldnt make sense for a pilot not to utilize it.

Tl;dr: Use the redundand second MFCD on the Ka-60 for a map with map markings.


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A better idea would be to utilize a second monitor with an additional window for monitoring such things as maps.

FYI: I've filed Bug #0005745 for this feature.

(Note Maddog, this is not a duplicate feature or bug. ;-)

Personally, I think the monitors within the cockpits are currently too tiny, unless you're rich and can afford a humungous LCD display, for which the devs just might have access too.

Why not, agreed with OP, may be really usefull

How is this related to 0005745 ? The only thing in common is the demand for a map that one is able to use while driving or flying, however im talking about an ingame implementation SPECIFICALLY for the Ka-60, not about the general idea of displaying a map on a SECOND Monitor. I dont own one and I think the player would feel more immersed if the game integrated this into the game world, also this would help more people, because not everyone is running a dual head.

Something like this? 3:20

If so then agreed, nothing more aggitating than having to fill the screen with a map and lead to crash due to a lack of situational awareness to the ground or obstacles.

Exactly that. Moving map displays have been utilised for more then 20 years by the military, so why not have them in there? Controlable Maps would be a plus but I dont think its really needed to be helpful.

I think the developers already intend to create a map display within the KA-60, instead of only displaying two attitude indicators. Think this is quite evident by some or most. (Likely to quickly appease single display/monitor users.)

So my opinion is, yes this is a separate feature request, but haven't mentioned, as again, thought it was obvious.

Secondly, probably the best method of displaying additional gauges is through secondary displays. I believe secondary displays are likely used within real flight systems. The cost to home users owning secondary displays is quite feasible these days, to include already utilized by many whom utilize their computers for productive reasons such as programming, video editing, etc. (ie. Search for "Benefits of multiple displays instead of one", on Google.)

But within simulation environments, these boundaries are or can be easily crossed. I think your proposed feature is probably the more intuitively difficult method versus real world use, as it requires more click & playing. Again, very unlike real world usage or integration.

In other words, if somebody were to setup a real flight simulator, they would use secondary displays for gauges rather than cramming everything into one display, for which the primary display should be used only as a window with few distracting transparent gauges or other information. ;-)

It's also much easier within the programming world to just export data to secondary displays versus integrating mouse support for switching simulated gauges.

Im not sure if I got the entirety of your post, but Im not talking about integrating mouse support here. A clickable cockpit would indeed be an overkill considered there are barely any functions integrated into the current cockpits.

A secondary display is nice to have, for sure, but there are also cons that come with it, like double the cost of a single monitor, increased hardware demands, inability to use the second monitor for the gameplay itself, unless you upgrade to a triple head setup (because the crosshair would be right in the center of your two monitors).

Again, im not sure what you wanted to say with "more intuitively difficult", Id say its actually the more comfortable method, having one of the two screens in the Ka-60 filled with a map by default (much like the current GPS). No need for any clicking or setting up fancy dual screens, just look down and theres your map!

ich666: I was talking about having a "zoom in" feature for the map, otherwise, the inlaid method will be extremely difficult to read. In order to zoom, would require clicking some buttons. Also, the inlaid method would require some intricate graphical engineering versus just exporting the data to a secondary display. Something that is usually considered before a programming task is tackled.

However, I'm not saying at all it wouldn't be nice to have an inlaid map. Take a breather and think for a second here, don't combat aircraft also have radar? (This would mean an inlaid map would already be within their future plans. ;-)

we need functional clickable cockpits (at least for the critical parts) for airplanes, mdf's needs to clickable and functional so that u can view weapon data, map data, possibly tgp(targeting pod should be functional aka, u can slew our targeting crosshair around + and lock targets), fcr (radar, should also be realistic not an 360 degree gods all seeing eye) and stuff like that (see falcon bms, dcs a-10 for examples), AT least we need the possibility for clickable cockpits + proper mdf tools so that modder can acces this problem, + HUD's (ccip, ccrp, proper dog fight mode etc. :D) need overhaul from a2 butting I'm waiting what can be seen on this front

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