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Smoke grenades don't cause enough smoke
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The amount of smoke should be greatly increased so the effect would be closer to real smoke grenade.


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maybe a slight increase would be nice, although in reality smoke is mostly used for marking locations and less to conceal movement

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There you can see a real smoke grenade if you start at 2:10
You are very wrong if you think that it's mainly used for marking.

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The smoke added by Blastcore in A2 was really great, I'm sure it will be ported if BIS won't correct that. GOATier is right though, it's a lot for making position. Well not the debat anyway.

I don't agree. Having been in the army I think sometimes the vanilla smoke in Arma 3 is a bit too much. I also liked the Blastcore smoke from A2, much more realistic. It all depends on the wind though.

i have been to the army too and our smooke granades were much more powerful, but the smoke from the granade luncher matches verygood with the amount of smoke in the game right now

@michelsendk: I suppose you were in the Danish army, like me. Funny how we disagree, as we must have used the same smoke grenades, he he. It's all so subjective.

@michelsendk correct :) but still the granedes produces much more smoke then in the game, depending on the wind

@michelsendk: Hmmm, this is getting subjective and maybe we've had different situations we remember. I guess a more scientific approach is necessary, I'm sure grenade's producers are able to give quite specific information depending on wind, temperature, etc. This would be up to the devs and implement it.

In my experience the area covered may have been slighly bigger, but the smoke seemed way more transparent and often sort of sticked to the ground. I was APC gunner (vognkommandør) and used to throw 2-4 smoke grenades at a time to cover the APC during assaults or reversing maneuvers.
But maybe they have greater effect if you've used them during eg. CQB training, as the smoke would fill enclosed spaces better than the open (windy) terrain I am used to.

it may be subjective, we used it for cover in CQB, and that covered a big area depending on the wind

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and the smoke billows out a bit to fast i think way better then cod though ug... cod...

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It would be good as long as when theres high wind conditions it blows away like in real life, I've thrown smoke grenades in heavy wind before (thinking it was light wind), and the entire lot has blown off.

I think the problem with the current smoke is that it disappears way too quickly.

dont increase the smoke cause it will cause more pain to graphic cards!

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