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All screens flicker inside of any vehicle
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This is particularly annoying when i try to be in the gunner position on any vehicle with a mounted gun. The screen flickers constantly and i pretty much can't use it/be in the gunner position. Also happens with any other screen inside a vehicle, but since those are more for show, it doesn't bother me as much. I have tried changing the texture settings to everything and nothing seems to fix it. My brother does not have this problem and my hardware is a lot better than his, so i have no idea why this is happening.


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Also, next time use the search function.
There are a shitload of duplciated reports about this same issue (along with a lot other) and making the same report over and over wont help the dev team !

EDIT: Ofcourse is a bug anyways ! But disabling SLI/CROSSFIRE will do the job in the meantime!

I have the same problem too.

Have observed this as well. It doesn't always occur though. Sometimes it does, other times it works fine. Have observed this in the showcase vehicle mission, but have also had the mission work fine as well. The point being, it seems to be a randomly occurring issue.