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Map editor issue
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when creating AI path on foot: if near a road i cannot make them walk on the grass they keep walking on the road.

When creating AI path for vehicules: they kill my soldier that are walking on the road, weak driving. {F17778}


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AI Control / Commanding
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Create soldier infantry (path) walking ont the side off a road (column formation)& add a truck path on the same road, soldier walk on the street and the truck just drive true my soldier and kill them (everything is Safe or careless, speed normal)

Additional Information

i joint my dxdiag, everything on the game works fine, no faild & return to desktop, but with the video autodetection (all hi & ultra) its lag in multiplayer maybe to much animation...( have to lower the quality ) but works fine in single mission.

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If you set the AI to careless they will disregard orders & do as they please.

If you set it to safe they will stick to the road (Vehicles).

Describe weak driving in detail.

Set the infantry WP's off the road & in the grass.

See #0002919.