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Add a "Reset Stance Adjust" keybind -- Allow ability to quickly get out of stances
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It already gets confusing when you don't know which stance you are in (Crouch, high crouch, low crouch, low stand, etc.), but it gets even worse when you are trying to duck behind cover, but still get shot because your stuck in a high stance.

Solution is simple: Give us a keybind that can quickly reset the stance to the standard position (Stand, crouch or prone). It doesn't have to be mapped to a key by default, I just want the option to get back into a normal position without being stuck with my head out of cover when under fire.

As a similiar request, the current system for the stance adjusts is very clumsy and unintuitive. When in a urban prone stance, you cannot simply crawl/stand up and sprint away from enemy fire or grenades, you have to hold the adjust key, press A, let go of the adjust key and THEN you can finally move to safety. Holding sprint and attempting to move should always cancel the stance and allow you to move quickly.


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SGTIce added a subscriber: SGTIce.May 7 2016, 12:11 PM

Option B) Reset stance upon switching to standing, crouch or prone.

This already exists. the "Stand up" "Crouch" and "Prone" key binds will reset your stance. For example, if you are in a modified crouch, and you press they key bound to "crouch" (not "Up" or "Go prone"), you will reset to default crouched. This is the same for "Stand up" (again, not "Up" or "Go prone"), and "Prone". However, if you are in a modified Standing and press "Crouch" or "Prone", you will go to the analogous modified "Crouch" or "Prone". Pressing "Crouch" or "Prone" again will then reset to modified "Crouch" or "Prone".

That being said, this only works if you are standing still. If they could make it so that the same effect happens while you are moving, that would be even better! For that reason, +1 to your issue report.

For your original problem though, I suggest trying out the "Stand up" "Crouch" and "Prone" key binds, rather than the "Up" and "Go prone" key binds. They might alleviate some of your frustration for the time being.

That is what I hope for as well, SGTIce.

p00d73 added a subscriber: p00d73.May 7 2016, 12:11 PM

I would like this to work with leaning to. For example: lean+sidestep is quite useful to shoot around corners. However, when you need to get quickly away, you can't run in this position so you need to press Q/E (to get out of lean) and ctrl+A/D (to get out of sidestep) before you can start to run. Just double-tapping ctrl or something could be very useful to reset to default.

If you press again for the stance you are in, prone, crouch or stand, it will reset to the middle position.

So if you are standing + high stance, just hit the stand key again to reset. This works quite well for me. In an emergency I just hit crouch or prone twice, canceling any stance adjustments.