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Spawning as a bird in custom maps/ MULTIPLAYER ONLY
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When trying to play custom maps there are times where the Rifleman/AH-64 will spawn as a bird.

This normally happens to me when I put down an individual unit.

It does NOT happen if I pick any other class like Marksman or in editor preview.

I've noticed that once you are dead and there is no respawn enabled the person will come back as a bird. I am not sure if this has a factor into why this is happening.


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Steps To Reproduce

This happens randomly when putting down single units. I've had this issue when putting down an AH-64 or Rifleman.

-Place single units down, 1 as player the other as playable
-save mission
-export to multiplayer mission
-HOST New server
-Run mission and switch between units by aborting and going back to the unit screen

Additional Information

In this picture I was suppose to be a co-pilot for an AH-64 but instead I spawn as a bird.

Also in this mission in multiplayer there is no slot for me to enter pilot,only co-pilot for the first AH-64.

The host cannot fly as a bird. If you try to select the unit that is turned into a bird as host the server will crash, but the team mate will have full control as a bird if they pick it.

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Spawning as a bird is the spectator mode in ArmA by default.

If you spawned as a bird while trying to play either of those something likely happened which outright killed them both.

Sorry for the double post. Yes sgtice I understand what you are saying but there is no possible way the units are dying at the mission. They are placed right next to each other.. No elevation or anything.

That's great Oinky but welcome to Arma 3.

I already know how to make respawns points for MP. I just find it strange like how SGTice was saying, some how they keep dying right off the start for no reason.

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This happens with any and all missions in the dev branch, there was a small patch or something downloaded by steam and maybe that contained the things bis fucked up.

It's a known bug in the dev branch build. You run the risk of a more broken build by using it.

This has been fixed.