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Add an Editor guide to the field manual
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It can be very hard to learn to use the ediotr, and not many people have made any guides on the internet for the A3 editor. I understand that I could use A2 editor guides, but I'd prefer it to be updated.


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Would love a proper guide also !!
More than just waypoint descriptions etc. May be more of like that found in game but with some explained examples.

Why would anyone vote this down? can only help and can be done at a much later date ;)

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You do realize... Alpha has been out for less than a week.

You should just look at some of the A2 guides till someone decides to make one for A3.

ArmA is very backwards compatible.

I know it's backwards compatible, but if you actually bothered to read it, you'd know Isaid I was looking for something more recent and updated, as in with new item names/codes.

If you'd bother to look around it's backwards compatible as in same names/codes.

Stop trying to be a smart ass.

The mods you're seeing pop up so fast & some missions, that's due to the fact they can directly port from A2 to A3 since the code is the same.

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I have already posted this issue with greater detail, use that instead and please search before you post.

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Duplicate of #0003006.