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Game Simulation Pauses when application looses focus [SP]
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Game simulation halts when application looses focus (when configured to "Fullscreen window") while in single player.


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Starting a single player instance in Fullscreen window mode and alt-tabbing (or moving mouse outside of game window) to another concurrent application (ie. notepad).

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This might not be a bad option as a default, but an option to let the application run in the background should be implemented. This in order to facilitate mod editing.

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try -noPause (parameter for exe)

Yeah that feature is there already..

By default when the game window looses focus it "stops" or "pauses" ..
if you add the -nopause parameter it wont anymore.

To do that, open STEAM, go in the games library, right click on ArmA3, properties and then select "Setup additional launch parameters" or something like that (my steam isn't English)

Thank you for the info, it is one of those that shouldn't be here, down voted the issue accordingly. Can we mark this as solved?