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Make "Combat pace" the default speed or add option to choose default speed
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I think the new and long awaited Combat pace should be the default speed for the character.
Obviously the controls should be renamed accordingly.

These are my suggestions for renaming the movement speed keys:
Walk/ Toggle walk (now called "Walk or Run")
Run / Toggle run (now called "Combat pace")
Sprint / Toggle sprint (now called "Turbo")

As an alternative , an option could be added to choose the default speed between Walk , Tactical pace and Run (Sprint excluded)


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something along the lines of double-taping shift in arma 2 would be nice

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Combat speed is quite exhausting since the soldier is trying to reduce weapon sway. Make it the default speed and we will end up with lots of people unable to run. I think the movement speeds are just fine as they are.

Combat pace is exhausting? AND RUNNING ISN'T?! D'oh!

Well when you jog you are in a Relaxed position, your arms can Cradle your rifle and you can relax to a pace.

In Combat Pace, staying coiled like a spring, tensed and Rifle to the should held in positive control and firmly ready to go in a split second. Advancing smoothly and slowly, is exhausting.

Running is exhausting, but you relax when you are doing it (except when sprinting) Tactical Pace / Combat Pace, you are tensed and hunched up, walking at a smooth pace and it's harder than you would think. Don't believe me go and do it, for an hour or so. See how tired you are at the end of it...

Jogging for an Hour with all your kit, is just a case of settling into a pace, and letting your mind wonder, as you put one foot in front of another.

Urban Combat is utterly exhausting.

In ArmA, run (default speed) and sprint are more tiring than combat pace and walk.

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