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Little Bird crashes are fairly broken
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Flying either of the Little Bird variants (not sure about the other chopper available) into the ground results in said helicopter bouncing a few times, slowly chipping health away from all available systems. Either of the pilots may die during this bouncing, but it really becomes a problem when the crash happens at high speeds (dropping from 500+ ft) and landing, only to bounce a few times and survive. Helicopters only explode when nearly every system is on red.

In ARMA 2, helicopters would typically blow up with contact to ground. Does not happen in singleplayer in ARMA 3.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Open Editor
  • Spawn "Player" AH-9 Little Bird
  • Set preset to "Flying"
  • Ascend variable distance
  • Turn downwards and crash into the ground, proceed to bounce
Additional Information

Tested in Singleplayer
not Multiplayer

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I also experienced this.

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Really helos should only 'blow up' if they hit the ground really hard. A softesh crash should only hurt crew but still let them get out. I never liked how A2 they blow up at the littlest bump. But they need to find a middle ground.

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All of the physics are way out of whack right now. Objects take many times more damage than they should, not just the helicopters. This is obviously not intended, but it can be rather comical at least.

The UH-60 (i guess) is made better, but it blows up really easily, like in 5 meters hight scraping the wheel causing tilting sidewards makes it explode immediatly. If NOT, the rotors have "noclip" and keep spinning until the chopper has rested and turns into a burned up(even though it didn't catch fire) piece of junk...

Well it's not the same situation, but title describes it well. I saw AH-9 many times hit the ground from high altitude when I shot pilot and it don't explode, just cause little damage to some of the systems.

Here is video:
(At 2:25 it broke due to another bug when I got in - )

While I don't like helicopters immediately explode when hit something at low speeds, I think this is the situation it should explode or at least totally break.

Besides video, when I hit something with rotor blades it's more likely that it destroys the rotor rather than whole helicopter just blows up, isn't it?

Old ticket. Unable to reproduce in latest dev build. Consider fixed.