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crash to desktop in MP
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crash to desktop in MP, when playing the mission "Wasteland" for instance.
Often occur after playing 15-30 min. {F17762}


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Game Crash
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play a MP mission for a while and wait for the crash.

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I did finish one or two missions that lasted more than 30 min though, so it is a bit random. I don't know yet if the problem is linked to a particular type of mission. I will elaborate on that when I will have more statistics.

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After a few more games, I can say that it doesn't matter which type of MP mission I join, it almost always crashes after a while.

Did you try it in Escape from Stratis and Headhunters?

In fact it seems not to happen with those missions.

It seems to be solved with the dev build!

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I've had similar problems in windows 8 64bit, and I've had this occur twice in Escape From Stratis

It didn't happen in new dev build.