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Allow the use of optics when in urban prone
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You currently cannot make use of any of your primary optics while in the urban prone position (on your side,) Anyone who has tried this in person will tell you that it actually doesn't hamper your ability to use them at all. Being as a majority of your trigger time won't be in this position though, it's not of high priority. Just a suggestion. Thanks! {F17754}


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I'm sorry but I don't understand what you are saying. Personally I have no issues using zoom on any scope or binoculars when prone.

go prone, then hit Ctrl + S. it's a more......prone version of prone.

i think this is on purpose.

well it's a bad purpose. google urban prone on youtube, it's a real special forces tactic, where you can aim with scope or ironsights. if you couldn't aim, it'd be useless.

This has been implemented.