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AI walks in circles when trying to enter chopper (with engine on)
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When trying to load troops into a helicopter, the AI will walk in circles near the helicopter. They will only get in when the engine is off. If the helicopter is near the sea or a wall they will fall in or walk through the wall.


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Get in a AH-9 in the editor, land somewhere and tell your co-pilot to get out, then when he has walked away tell him to get back in. He will walk in circles about 5m away from the chopper, and will only get in when you switch the engine off.

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Just tried a reproducibility test, it seems this only happens near the sea and in crowded areas, on the airfield it seems to work fine.

It seems that the AI can begin walking in circles endlessly regardless of waypoint type (not just a Get In order or waypoint). An entire group may become hung because their leader or a group member is walking in circles, unable to reach a Move waypoint.

It is difficult to reproduce this reliably, but if you send a large number of groups (each with many members) through Agia in combat mode you will eventually find some stragglers who are hung up because a group member cannot navigate properly, and that group member will most probably be walking in small circles.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.