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List of favourite Servers, more filter options & more info (maybe even a player name search)
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Playing with people you know is essential for this game. Don't matter if its with people you personally know, your clan (if you have one) or simply with people who frequent the same server. Getting to now people, knowing you can rely on them to have your back and know that they can shoot straight is essential. But at the moment, how on earth can we do that? The current server UI system has no way of keeping track of good servers, servers you know have good people in them, no way of separating dedicated and none-dedicated servers and I am sure there are a few other things people will come up with that I am not thinking off right now.

There is also a list of players names listed in server info, why not have a player name search? Your buddy says he is playing Arma 3, but you cant find what server or he never even paid attention to which one he is in... but if you know his nickname and could search all wasteland servers or DayZ servers things would be easier.

I would also like to see a buddy list implemented but that is something that if not already coded into game (and something which we cant see cause you are not testing right now) its probably a big ask. I would like to see this but not essential. IMHO the stuff above is though.
Although, it would be nice to see something that added someone to a friends list (both sides having to ok this) and then tracked the game code or profile ID and not the nickname so people could change nick and still stay in touch.

Anyway, enough of my rant.


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See also #1739 and #1483.

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Essential to all multiplayer games