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speedboat minigun offset
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The minigun on the back of the speedboat minigun have a effect offset, the bullets seems to be firing out from nothing about 1-2 meters above the minigun.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get in a speedboat minigun
  2. move to gunner position
  3. Fire
  4. (optional) set map timer to night and you will be able to see it more easily

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Just to add, the tracers appear to be lined up with the crosshair in first-person view, they're just not lined up with the barrel of the gun in third-person.

well for me you can see the tracers come above the screen even in first-person.

I think that is their solution to prevent you from shooting your teamates in the boat???? :(

BTW, you can't shoot your own teamates in the boat at point blank range ?!?!?!?

....and, the tracers seem off at least a little, in any view

This has been fixed.