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Aiming issue
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Aiming reticle not aiming correctly. Reticle is off target when zoomed and secondary reticle completely missing. Switching weapons the switching back seems to sort issue.


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Tried on various occasions to retrace steps and actions to reproduce to no avail. Issue seems random.

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video not public.

I am in 3rd person the whole time in video.

This issue has happened on 3 different occasions.
All 3 occasions were while playing vehicles showcase.

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Edit: I wrote above I was in 3rd. I mean't 1st for this one. Issue also happens in 3rd person. The other vid I wan going to upload of the same issue was in 3rd, hence my mistake above.

Also what you are seeing the video is me switching from the main scope to the red dot (in this case greendot) reticle on top.

You had your weapon lowered. Thats why it shows the scope aiming to the ground.

It shouldnt be possible to look through the scope with the weapon lowered, I agree on that, but it only happens when you lower your weapon.

Trust me, thats exactly what happened, because it happens to me occasionally too :)

My crosshairs work just fine.. but i'll keep it disabled anyways :P

Your zeroing is 300 meters, that affects the aiming.

Dresh added a comment.Mar 11 2013, 2:24 PM

@Helperman - brilliant, cheers, lowered weapon the prob.

Issue now is as helperman states, It shouldn't be possible to look through the scope with the weapon lowered but if this issue to be left in the game, the addition of the missing red dot sight graphic when switching from primary to secondary sights.

For the scope issue, there's another report already somewhere

Unable to reproduce. When I look through the scope the weapon automaticly raises.

Dresh added a comment.Mar 11 2013, 4:34 PM

@mulleDK : I tried this morning when I read helpermans advice and was able to reproduce 100% of the time.

Are you sure you are lowering your weapon properly? (default is 2xLCTRL I think)

@Dresh: Yes, I know how to lower my weapon. And he automaticly raises it again when I go into the scope.

This is a dupe of the "scoping while weapon lowered" issue, so closing. I believe this has also been fixed in the latest dev builds.