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Unit with Waypoint stuck to it cannot be edited. Both have to be deleted.
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If you have a unit, such as "GetIn" stuck to, for example, a vehicle, you cannot edit that vehicle in any way. This makes going back to make fixes extremely frustrating.


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Spawn unit, empty vehicle. Give unit a "GetIn" waypoint on the vehicle.

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Have you tried "shift + left clicking" the unit/vehilce under the waypoint to select it, change its properties?

upvoted, eventhough it isn't a major issue, it is annoying.

The biggest annoyance is you cannot move/delete either the unit or waypoint, you must delete both and start over.

Iratus added a subscriber: Iratus.May 7 2016, 12:06 PM

Holding left shift give you access to units beneath waypoints.

For example to edit a vehicle with a waypoint ontop of it, just hold left shift and then double-klick it.

Holding shift lets you edit units under waypoints.