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FPS cap setting
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Please provide an FPS cap setting in the options menu at increments of 10, starting from 50 to 100.

Some of the benefits from my years of gaming with fps settings has been this: Jumps from low to high fps are less noticeable, a very valuable thing for Arma 3, as the game engine has traditionally been prone to double or triple digit jumps in fps.

Having just played a mission in which the fps jumped from 50-80, you can immediately feel the difference, despite 50 fps being very playable and smooth had it not been for the relative difference. If the fps had been capped at 50 or 60, you would be unable to perceive the change. Therefore, because smoothness is a relative thing, the fps cap becomes a very crucial element, as it allows users to isolate their smoothness level depending on their general hardware performance.


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Vsync is a very poor substitute for an fps cap, and in fact, decreases the fps and smoothness of the game considerably. I urge you to play the infantry showcase with both vsync on and off. There is a double digit fps difference, and i can feel extreme stutter and sluggishness with vsync turned on. Alternatively you may look into improving vsync, but from experience, its difficulties far outweight its benefits. It would be simpler, less complicated, and less burdensome to implement an fps cap and be done with it.

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also forgot to say this before, but the game van go up to around 300 fps in maps and menus, so it would also conserve video card energy consumption not to mention that issue where nvidia cards sometimes render themselves to death.

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If you're using an Nvidia card, there is functionality in the drivers game profiles to limit FPS.

You'd need to use something like Nvidia inspector to turn this on, though, as it's not in the default control panel.

from my experience with 3rd party drivers and tools, there's often compatibility issues, plus i don't like running too many applications anyway and having to tool around outside of the game options. i think it would be better as a vanilla in-game option, and immediately useable by everyone without imo needless process of downloading a tool somewhere.

It's in the Nvidia driver, there's nothing 3rd party except the app you would use to change the settings since Nvidia hasn't exposed it to the control panel.

I use this all the time to limit my FPS in games since I use a 120Hz monitor and sometimes the dips are quite severe in games.

^ Exactly. There will be no compatibility issues. The only ones that could occur is if you force modifications to the game (i.e. profiles intended for other games). Example: I set an anti-aliasing flag of 0xF0C1. Well that flag is for OpenGL primarily, and idtech4 and below. Either performance of the game will suffer immensely, or nothing at all will actually may actually work better than the ingame anti-aliasing too. You will not incur more instability and crashing than what already exists. The only time inspector is running is when you open it up, it takes up no resources. When you close it, its closed and finished.

Like tet5uo said, everything in inspector is already in the driver, so I'm telling you to do that. I can assure you it works fine. Many of us do this--I even set it up time to time for my non-tech friends who are pains, and won't try to learn this themselves. My reason is the same as tet5uo as well, I have a 120Hz monitor, and a lot of games the extra frames aren't needed, or drops can be drastic.

Anyways, driver side is always more effective than what a game can do.

just fraps'ed the editor since i heard my videocard growing louder and louder. 1000fps. no i am not shitting you. did bis ever hear of what happened to the starcraft 2 launch and how it made nvidia cards render themselves to death due to lack of fps cap?

i mean at the very least hardcode a limit at 120 or something. i don't want my nvidia card dying while playing in the editor.

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