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Script Error when "sleep" in Trigger Activation field
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When you put the sleep command into the activation field for a trigger, you always get "Error 'Generic error' in expression"

The Activation script still seems to work flawless. But it display the error when "showScriptErrors" is on.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start ArmA with parameter "-showScriptErrors"
  2. Go Editor and Place Trigger
  3. Put for example "sleep 3;" into activation code
  4. Go into mission

--> Error displays when trigger is set off.

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It seems like, this also happens, when you have a "sleep" in an eventhandler.

From ARMA 2 experience, you cannot use 'sleep' inside a trigger. So I guess this is by design.

If you need to use sleep, then in act field of the trigger, call for an external sqf instead. Or use something like spawn{sleep 1}... I dont know how to use spawn, but vaguely remember someone use it like that.

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Well, what you said sounds pretty reasonable.
for example "[] spawn {sleep 2; // do something};" works perfect.

I guess this Issue is nonsense then. My bad.