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Explosive Damages
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Setting charges and such works fine, but some things such as grenades, DAGR Missiles and some AT missiles need to be "balanced"

Grenades: RGO's damaging radius is the same as their kill radius. If you're past the 50% damage zone, you're dead ( 15m death instead of 10m )

DAGR Missiles: A missile that hits within 20m of infantry should kill said infantry rather easily. I can land a missile within 10m of infantry and they only take minor damage. The same can be said for their damage towards vehicles, if it doesn't hit 100% dead on in the back underside of the vehicle ( which is damn near impossible) it takes roughly 4-8 missiles within 10m to damage let alone destroy or disable an ifrit or hunter. I know these vehicles are uparmored but still, the tires would be damaged a good bit by the explosive power from the missiles not to mention the shrapnel from them.

AT Launchers: The NLAW is a guided missile system, which means whether you're playing on recruit, expert, or veteran, the locking system should still be active. Currently, the locking system stops working after you surpass Normal difficulty in MP missions ( untested in SP ) Which causes a GUIDED Missile Launcher ( Fire/Command by Wire, like the TOW2B ) to become a dumb-fire only launcher. if this is what BI is going for, replace the NLAW with a different launcher variant ( M136 AT4 CS/RS or non-CS/RS ).

AT Launchers: The Guided systems as stated above work as intended WHEN they are enabled, but when disabled by server difficulty, these launchers become almost incapable of producing, as a base number, 50% effectiveness against Armored targets as their firing systems cause the missile to "Wiggle" in the air. This is not how the missile systems are designed in real life. An NLAW will fire and the optics will guide the missile to it's target with precision, without hickup unless Line of Sight is lost. I would recommend removing the missile's "wiggle" during their flight to increase stability of the missile-to-target control.

Also, the NLAW's effective range is ~2.2KM not 1.4KM.


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Also that frags still injure you through buildings when breaching!

agreeing against the infantry should be more lethal because of the shockwave...but an uparmored vehicle like the Hunter ( its an MRAP ) if not hitten directly would be hardly damaged ( only the tires a bit, but it will be capable of move anyway, special tires FTW )

Your ticket is a "bundle of issues". Please un-bundle it, i.e. create tickets for each issue and provide repro steps where appropriate. Also make sure you always search for similar tickets before you do so.

Thank you.