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Severe image tearing of visuals
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Severe image tearing of visuals in ArmA 3 Beta with any level of FPS. Panning the POV causes visible shearing, faster movements produce more artifacts then slower panning movements.

Video recorded with settings on both High and Ultra. Shadows on Standard.

Arma 3 Beta build 0.76.109065
Tested on:
23" Samsung SyncMaster 2343BWX at 2048x1152 60hz
27" ASUS VS278Q-P at 1920x1080 60hz

Included YOUTUBE Link demonstrating problem.

Attached video file.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enter Editor.
  1. Preview world at Agia Marina and observe any basic build.
  1. Pan view at different speeds.
  1. Observe how vertical lines sheer prominently.
Additional Information

This effect has all the characteristics of Vsync Tearing. FRAPS and Screenshots will not capture the effect. This problem is evident in ArmA 3 Beta and still occurs even when FPS is below monitor refresh rate unless in-game V-Sync is turned on or forced on in the Video Driver control panel.

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This video clip shows the example more clearly using the Kamino Lighthouse.

Note that from one angle, the Lighthouse shows very little if any tearing of the image, but when viewed from the opposite side, very pronounced shearing is visible.

The only connection appears to be framerate. When the FPS is solid at 60FPS, tearing is not noticeable. When the FPS is below 60 and fluctuates up and down, the displayed image becomes prone to tearing.

After more testing and experimentation, I have concluded that this is a Image Tearing problem related to V-Sync.

Sadly, it appears that the current build of the Alpha suffers from Image Tearing, regardless of FPS, when V-Sync is not enabled.

Enabling Adaptive V-Sync in the Nvidia control panel will over-ride the ArmA settings. Because V-Sync is only on when FPS is over 60, Image Tearing is only apparent whenever the frame rate is lower then 60. Hence the observable differences in the Lighthouse example.

This is sad and unhappy news as V-Sync is generally considered bad for peformance in gaming. It has pronounced drawbacks. I hope Bohemia can rectify Image Tearing problems when frames are below the monitors refresh rate so we do not have to be shackled to the drawbacks of Vsync having to be on all the time.

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Enable triple buffering from Nvidia control panel. You'll trade one frame of input lag to flexible framerate and V-sync together.

Just posting to confirm that this issue remains unchanged for me.

Still awkward tearing of visuals, most noticeable in built up areas of the map with a lot of objects made up of hard vertical edges (window frames, plaster walls, bridge pillars ect).

Triple Buffering has no effect.

Changing the display from full screen to a borderless window mode helps reduce the problem, but at the expense of FPS (up to a loss of 10 frames per second).

Noticed that setting Fullscreen (Borderless) Window mode prevents screen tearing, but reduces FPS when the Windows 7 Aero Desktop is enabled. When set to Windows 7 Basic profile Screen Tearing is visible again. ArmA 3 runs 15 FPS average less then when running in window mode.

Shouldn't Screen Tearing be problematic when FPS exceeds the monitors refresh rate?

In Arma 3 is happens at any level of FPS, and makes Nvidia Adpative V-Sync useless unless FPS is always above 60.

What additional information is needed?

Good configuration is in nvidia driver application controlled and in game vsync on, triple buffer in nvidia controll pannel is openGL related, and in DX11 buffer work different, not a triple buffering but other way.

test this:
set in game window full screen and restart, my problem is only in fullscreen, in windows or windows full screen vsync seems work correcly.

I still get screen tearing in window mode, including full screen borderless window mode.

However... If the desktop in Win7 is set for "Aero", screen tearing is minimal or absent, but a stiff cost in performance. FPS drops 10-15 frames from being in a window.

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