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3d Editor
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Hey, why is there no 3d editor?
You had some kind of prototype in Arma 2 and you have got one in VBS2 so why don't we get one for arma 3? Using this 2d editor it's very hard to say if the unit is actually exactly where you want it... like placing it on a roof of a building can take you 20 trys...
I don't want an editor like VBS2 but at least something in that direction, something 3D...


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  1. Start ArmA (any game of the series)
  2. Open Editor
  3. vomit

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3D editor is a must have since the icons in the 2d editor are inaccurate.
perhaps a 3d editor that gives you the option to edit running missions (like MCC sandbox or RTE)

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They have already explained why they do not have a 3d editor (Because the Technology is too advanced to make easily in ArmA 3 and the game would not be released on time)

how about a patch? i mean, 3d editor is the last priority i think, so it could be delayed. would not cause much of a problem to wait for it, but it would be nice if one was available sometimes. (as far as i know, i0n0s stopped working at his RTE and i don't like the MCC sandbox too much, and i don't know of any others that could be ported from arma 2)

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There was a 3d editor in arma 2. Maybe we should just wait.

@w. Houck
I know, but they had a prototype in Arma 2 and they have a working one in VBS so they'd just have to put it in arma (and maybe simplify it a bit)
but ok... If there will be no 3d editor in arma 3, maybe arma4...
with arma 4 they should give us all the features that they couldn't implement with arma3... and after that they can take care of new content for arma4...

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To the question : Hey, why is there no 3d editor?

The answer : Alpha Release. It might come around, just wait for it. ;-)

i would love to see this too

I'd love to see it, but i'd also love BIS to take their time with it. Hopefully they are working on it now, meanwhile fixing bugs and such from the feedback tracker.

Already requested: #0002496