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Light flares visible behind weapon optics
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at night time place a helicopter pilot down in the editor and near a lamp post
while in game look at the lamp post while aiming down the sights and move your sights so that the light is blocked by the plastic frame of the holo sight and the light will be shown through the frame. {F17699} {F17700} {F17701} {F17702} {F17703}


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in editor place the Time of day so that it is dark place a heli pilot unit down
near a lamp post and look down the sights of the holo so that the plastic frame piece blocks the light and the light will be shown through the plastic

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it also happens with all the sights and the the arms and hands while in first person
video showing the issue
it happens with all the vehicles too

this also happens with a portion the dashboard of some vehicles (Ka-60).

Cleared up the title.

thanks MadDogX

This happens in 3rd person and the top part of the helmet.

Closing in favor of #7552, which has already been assigned to a dev.