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Impossible to sabotage a boat except during the SCUBA showcase
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It is impossible, with any kind of diver, to sabotage any kind of ship in a mission created with the editing tool. It is so impossible to recreate an action such as the one done in the showcase.
Moreover, it would be great to be able to stick explosive under the boat (as divers really do since WW2).


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in the showcase, in your inventory is a toolkit, could that be required before a sabotage could happen? did you attempt to equip that?

im assuming its a scripted action, which is why you cant do it outside of the mission, i have to agree it would be nice to be able to sabotage or at least place explosives on a boat without having to do any mission specific scripting.

After retesting to sabotage a boat while having a toolkit... it doesn't work neither. So it (unfortunatly) must be scripted.

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This action is scripted and works only for this mission

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