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PROPOSAL: Seperate Keybind for Red Dot/ Scope
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Having the "Optics Mode" set to a toggle results in situations where you mean to bring up your red dot and instead bring up your scope. I propose adding the option to bind "Optics Scope" and "Optics Red dot" to different keys.

Would you accidentally put your eye to your scope in a CCB situation? When I want to go to my red dot, I put my eye to it. When I want to go to my scope, I put my eye to it. As it stands, you can accidentally bring up the wrong optic. Even if you know which optic you're using, you would need an additional key press to switch modes instead of a single press to go to the mode you want.


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Um you do know you can use "/" to switch from the scope to the red dot on top. If you got a mouse with extra buttons then you can assign it to one of them to be ready even more quickly.

Yeah, but it'd still be nice to have the option, Blaxican, for people who don't work well with the toggle version.



I find having it as a toggle is very akward for two reasons. First, if you're not ADSing but have Long Range Optics toggled, then you will need two control inputs in order to bring the CQB sights up. This may not seem like a big deal, but in a close quarters every split second counts. Second, it's very easy in the stress and confusion of a firefight to lose track of which optics mode you're in when not ADSing. So, again, when you need the CQB sights you'll often bring up the long range scope by accident which is terribly disorientating and often fatal. As per the suggestion, please allow players to bind long range optics and CQB sights to two separate keys like in A2:OA rather than only allowing for a toggle.

great idea.

default could be:

  • RMB = holo sight
  • CTRL+RMB = scope

Blaxican... I'm not sure if you read my post? I know how to use the "/". I'm asking for a simple additional option to bind the optics to different keys, exactly as SmallBlackSheep indicated.

This would take 10 minutes to code and would not remove the current functionality.

This would be a welcome option. I wanted to open a ticket for the same suggestion but found this one :)

I can't see any reason not to offer this as a secondary option for players that would prefer it. Many other options have multiple keyboard mapping options depending if you want a direct key or a toggle, so it makes sense to me. I find it easy to forget which sight I used last and sometimes end up looking through the wrong one at the most critical of moments, which wouldn't happen in reality.

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You can press CTL+RMB to switch between modes, just get used to it and get used to know which exact mode you have right now, just as how many bullets you have in clip, which granade is selected and all other small things which are important to remember. I'm sure that many ppl like it as it is right now, but devs could add a keybinds which allow you to directly switch to particular scopes.

You can already switch viewmode, lower the gun and upon raising you still have the selected viewmode set. No need for more keybinds.


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Why do people downvote this? It's a good idea and it doesn't have to be on by default.

The new patch is BS, now the default mode is "Red dot", which requires to switch optics mode every time you respawn/change weapon.

Sometimes, it is necessary to bring up your scope quickly, when an enemy is out of range for the red dot, but close enough to spot you quickly, for example - and then it sucks to have your red dot up - you need to reach to whatever your keybind is, to manually switch to red dot - definetly not an improvement.

Instead of making such useless changes, they should concentrate on fixing the low CPU and GPU utilization.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.