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Little Birds wont attack enemy units
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never, in any scenario. They stop moving around as soon as someone shoots them. Not under any order i see them shooting or even flying away.

  • happens in editor
  • even if i fly the copter to battle and change to another unit this happens and the copter gets shot down.


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I only once was engaged by an AH-9. i tried everything to get him to shoot but the thing that set him off was when i killed his co-pilot.

Was this fixed already, because I see them laying down withering fire?

Unable to reproduce in the latest dev build. Littlebirds seem to attack reliably in any scenario.

Since this ticket is quite old and has not recieved any attention in a long time, we'll assume the issue is no longer valid and close this ticket.

However, if you are still able to reproduce the issue, please create another ticket requesting this one be re-opened.