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Cannot Get Out of Helicopter if switched to copilot, while having taken over controls, and engine destroyed
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Cannot seem to eject or get out of any chopper specifically if switched to copilot, and having taken over controls, and the engine is destroyed. when you land you have no option to get out until you release the controls. as of 0.72, subordinate AI pilot cannot get-out either until you release controls.


EDIT- as of DEV 1.05.111302 (10/17/2013) - AI ignoring disembark commands (while copilot haven taken controls) appears to be somewhat unrelated; AI will not disembark whether or not the engine is damaged, until controls are released by player copilot.


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Place any empty helicopter in editor, set as flying, named "heli".
Create 2 units, both pilots, grouped; Player unit set init to:

   this moveinturret [heli,[0]]; this assignasturret [heli,[0]];

set the other unit's init to:

   this moveindriver heli; this assignasdriver heli;

preview mission, 'take controls', attempt landing, get out. works correctly.
restart mission, 'take controls', in Debug exec this:

   heli setHit ["engine",1];

land safely and observe no action menu to get out. 'release controls' and both units jump out. seems to happen consistently on any chopper put through these steps.

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seems to be 2 separate issues, one being copilot/taken controls; the other being ejecting from heli's in general. for the latter, this issue:

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I could eject from a KA-60, with an AI player as pilot and the controls at me...
I jumped out into the sea (from low altitude and with autohover, but the option was present even at 200km/h at 300m.) As I jumped out, pilot took back controls, so your problem is either with the Little Birds, or something local.

B93: ka-60 seems to be an exception, try with a littlebird. you won't be able to get out while on ground, and having still taken over controls from pilot.

if it works fine on your computer -with- a littlebird (not ka-60), then its a local issue, but otherwise im inclined to disagree as its repeatable.

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You are right, I should have tried it with a littlebird, too. Now, that I did, I couldn't reproduce the problem, but this might be due to an update I just received. (I'm using the dev version.) So I guess, it will be fixed soon in regular alpha, too. :)

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

This infact is still an issue as of the latest development branch, except refined the issue more: only happens if the engine is destroyed (not damaged), and currently neither the player nor pilot can get out until the copilot has released controls.

more details added to description and steps to reproduce...

Ok, as of dev 1.05.111302, while in copilot seat having taken over controls (and setHit ["engine",1]), you -CAN- now 'get out'. This part seems fixed. Thanks!

BUT THIS seems to be a slightly different issue: AI won't disembark from pilot seat when commanded from player in copilot seat; AI pilot will repeatedly confirm the action, but will sit there until you 'release controls', apparently unrelated to any damage values.

This ticket can be CLOSED, no further fix is needed - last remaining issue in ticket (AI pilot ignoring commands until Controls Released) will become its own ticket eventually.

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According to the author the ticket can be marked as resolved.