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Editor Menus are Transparent, Unreadable, and Font is unclear
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When trying to script or even read the function viewer, etc.. The games menus are transparent. The color choice also leads to unusability. The main map bleeds thru and you can not read the text or anything for that matter you may be trying to accomplish.

The color choice is also poor..


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Load the editor and try to script, or read the function / docs example code available. And soon realize it's impossible.

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The font is also a bad choice and makes many characters undistinguishable.

I can shoot the white in your eyes from 250 meters, wearing my glasses, thru a scope.. In real life and in a video game.. But I am in real life legally blind. Please remember not everyone has the same eye sight and things like this lead to aggravation that is game breaking.

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OK I suspect that someone has painstakingly created the font, I am sorry to complain... it is lovely, but.... but honestly I have misread the type on numerous occasions...... especially is it a 6 or 8 ???

All issues have been reported already, for example here: #0000666.

Please only report one issue per ticket.