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Body Armor System that stop low to moderate caliber rounds.
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building on the current system of wearable carriers and webbing, create a optional modual that allows body armor such as plate carriers (but not webbing or similar) to stop small caliber rounds such as pistol rounds and lower caliber rounds such as 5.56, but for calibers with larger mass such as 7.62 and 6.5 cause the character to be incapacitated for a shot period of time (say 2-3 seconds), like as if they were hit by a bike a low speed, while 3-4 rounds would penetrate.

and for higher caliber mass/velocity such as 12.7mm rounds allow the round to penetrate the body armor and kill.


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I think that right now the only damage system is the different parts of the body (head, chest, waist, legs, arms etc.) and each of them (when hit) will cause different amounts of damage.

It would be nice to see body armor added so long as it is realistic (there are several plates in the vest that, once shot they do not protect if shot again in the same spot) not sure about how many plates there are in the vest though.

@Scorpion, at the current stage NATO use Crye Precision CAGE plate carriers which contain only a front and back ESAPI plates (Cermaic and Boron Carbide) but not side or crouch plates.

While the Iranians appear to only wear webbing, but due to the usual design of their uniform, i guess their uniforms may be woven with Kevlar, but they wouldn't be able to take much more than a pistol round with only a Kevlar weave

Boron Carbide Cermaic* not two different materials, i typed it wrong.

Actually each vest / helmet provides a different protection value.
A carrier will stop some damage while a bandolier wont.

Tested and works as intended (MP)

Scarecrow398 your information is semi correct but most NATO forces use a STANAG IMTV flak system with for aft port and starboard plates.

Agreed. Body armor should be improved.

Higher voted ticket: #5377.