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Make wounds appear where soldier was shot
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Instead of using the "wounded leg\arm\torso\head" texture that is always the same no matter what, I would love to see wounds appear where person was shot\hurt in general. I know what we have now is what was in ARMA ever since.. ARMA existed. But still, I would love to see that finally changed.


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Seconded. Even older games have this feature, such as "SWAT 3" (1999).

This feature would be great in A3..

Best game I saw for this was Rogue Spear. If you got a grazing shot, it would even draw a red line across the flesh.

Yes I'm tired of looking at the same wounds from (almost) since OFP.

yes please !! we´re in 2013 its time to advance !

Would love to see some commentary from the devs whether they intend to do it or not.

Jeah I am up for this!

Also the blood on the ground at distance looks bad.

Either it shouldnt be visible because there would be gras over it - or it would be 80% darker.

But I would rather see no blood AT DISTANCE at all. At close distance on the other hand it should stay.