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Gear is inaccessible for divers even at sea level
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It is impossible for divers to access gear of boats they find or dead units at the bottom of the ocean, and as it currently stands - divers cannot access their gear at all until they reach land (gear cannot be accessed from inside boats nor from outside in the water).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a full diver suit and a boat
  2. Go into the water
  3. You can no longer access your gear in any way until you reach dry land.
Additional Information

Please return the ability to select Units through the map, and with that - the ability to change gear from inside the vehicle.

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I upvote this all the way. I have another posting regarding making more to do int he water. This is another problem. We always like to load extra gear when embarking on a mission. I made a mission where we infiltrate from the water. We started on the shore with ammo crates. We could not load any gear into the boats unfortunately and abandoned playing the mission.

Same issue as #287.