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Cannot edit loadout of individuals inside the editor's GUI
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There should be a button when editing a unit labelled "Gear" or "Loadout", which, when pressed, takes you to the units gear screen and allows for the adding of anything. This is long since needed!

I have included a mock-up below.


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I love the idea. It makes it easier for new players who don't know how to script or for people who hate to script.

Agreed, adding gear individually in the init field can be maddening, especially when you need to look up the exact name of the piece of gear you mean to add. Would cut down on init field clutter for units as well! yea i fully agree something like this when you click Loadout maybe ? (i think that was custom made by the youtuber. )


Yeah, i think ArmA3 definitely needs a loadout editor within the mission editor. Kit is a pretty basic thing that requires editing in just about any user created mission. Having to type "This addmagazine..." in init fields seem like a pretty glaring shortfall.

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I agree 100%. dealing with init codes is a massive pain in the nect. to that end I'd probably think that having the inventory edit GUI button near the init line would make more sense (since that's where editing veterans will most likely go first) that switches between graphical and code based editing views (obviously script changes would have to show up graphically when switched to visual mode and vice versa). But easing the strain of mission editors would be very nice.

and an altitude slider maybe (for infantry too!)

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Also I should clarify - this button should be there for everything - men, vehicles, weapon crates etc.

A cheap way of doing it would be to add whatever you add/remove in the GUI to the editor's init field - but this would still leave it cluttered.

A better solution in my opinion would be to add another line to the unit's code inside the .sqm - "init_gear" or similar, which stores the changes from the GUI. This does leave us with one problem though: what if someone changes a unit's, for example, main weapon with the GUI, then puts in the relevant code to give them a different main weapon in the init field? One would have to have a higher priority, and I would suggest the init field as anyone who uses that should know what they're doing.

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Whilst this feature request isn't really the place to request different features - and I don't think an altitude slider is needed (there's already a text field) - I will say perhaps an easier method of placing enemies inside buildings is needed.

This is a long time request already. Hope they will implement that, it's a time saver.

And @JakeB, the alt slider is a good thing.

I agree completly. I've been wanting this the whole series. Instead the first 5-10 minutes of every mission is dedicated to crate digging. Ugh.

I will buy three more copies of Arma 3 and a case of beer for the developer team if this is done. This is LONG overdue. One of the most obvious updates to this series. PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS!!!!!!!

Duplicate of #958.