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Clipping explosion crates on the ground when multiple explosives have been used
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I used a AT-Mine and a manual bomb together to blow a car up, and both blew up (not like here, but the two explosion-crate textures on the ground are clipping in each other as if they were on the same layer (which is most likely the reason for this) If you lock at them and move around them, you´ll see them clipping
through each other.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Start the mission "escape from straris",
-Play as Explosive Expert,
-Run to the street,
-Place an AT-mine and a manual bomb,
-Run away and hide before the incoming car spots you,
-Blow up the manual bomb and the AT Mine (the timing has to be good enough to destroy the car),
-Go to the positions of the explosives,
-Look at the crate-Textures and move around them.

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Closing due to lack of activity in over five months. If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket for it or ask for this one to be re-opened.