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AT Mine doesn´t blow up when other explosives are used
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Hey, since the AT mine isn´t fast enough, ( ) I tried to blow the car from the start of "Escape from Stratis" up with a manual explosiv. The car is getting destroyed, but the at mine, right next to the bomb is still unharmed and the model is mostly under the ground. The Mine is still exploding if I shoot it on the top, but it shouldn´t survive an explosion that destroys an armored car, right?


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Steps To Reproduce

-Start the mission "Escape Stratis"
-Play as Explosiv expert
-Run to the Street
-Place a AT-Mine
-Place a manual bomb
-Run away and hide before the incoming truck spots you
-Wait for the car and blow up the manual bomb
-run over to the spot and see that the AT mine is still there

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