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We need better control over AI in the Editor, or visualization of things like the ACTUAL AI path.
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Working in the editor today, I was reminded of how incredibly frustrating and nearly impossible the AI pathfinding can be to work with. Especially vehicles. It should be easy to get a vehicle to pull off of the road and park, even with obstacles in the vicinity.
Waypoints are good for basic stuff, but if you want something specific to happen, the AI is absolutely god awful. For example, if you have a "get out" waypoint near other waypoints, any where near obstacles, the vehicle will stop before either waypoint and just unload. It's ridiculous. If you get rid of or change the get out waypoint, it kind of works, but even then, because of objects being kind of nearby, the AI doesn't want to drive off the road, and barely makes it off of the road.
Either give us actual pathing control, allow us to see what the AI path actually is, or give us some sort of "record" feature that doesn't require a bunch of scripting.
I get that AI will never be perfect. But not giving editors actual control over the AI is incredibly limiting. It shouldn't be difficult to get a vehicle to pull off to the side of the road and have anyone inside get out.
I get that a lot of what makes ArmA cool is the dynamic nature of things. But sometimes, in order to make things seem more organic, you need more control. Not to make it more like call of duty, but just to add life to missions. Or prevent something like the flight AI from doing the climb of death or taking 20 minutes to land.


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Try to get a vehicle to move off of the main road in a town with waypoints. Place waypoints off a road close to objects, make the last waypoint a get out command. Tell a vehicle to cross a bridge with a move waypoint. Etc.

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I agree, would love to see actual AI movement patterns!

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