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Unrealistic wheel destruction, tires disappear on impact (with videos)
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Since Arma II, the major problem with wheels was that the tires disappearing after some multiple rifle shots in them, which didn't look so good.

  1. Make tires deflating more realistic, without any "falling under the ground" and then magical disappearance (just use APEX cloth to simulate deflating!)
  1. Make them burst if they were shot by a high caliber gun or damaged by some explosive (also without disappearing from the wheel base


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Shoot tires out, blow them with grenade, hit your car against buildings, in all these cases tires will either fall under the ground or disappear!

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This is a common bug of all civilian cars (Sport hatchback, SUV, Pickup, even Karts) some other wheeled military vehicles also worth checking, because they are suffering from same issue, only you don't loose tires from the first collision, but maybe second third. [^] (example)
On the moment of collision it was 60 km/h

I find it not realistic, wheels should never disappear when you hit objects, they may pierce and deflate (or even blow) if you hit something so hard with them (for example a stone, so that in the moment of hit tire volume will reduce to critical and the air will want to rip the tire somewhere, but usually in the area of the impact because that's where tire stretches the most). But if you crash into something with the front part of the car, the probability for them them blow is very low, because nothing really affects tires (in most cases, only on any amazing speeds of 200 km/h and more, which could cause front part of the car to deform so much).

But then again ,there is no deforming of vehicles in Arma 3, so without deforming, tire blow off isn't realistic (as direct collision with any object will never reach wheels), nor even that the blown off tires disappear and you can only see the wheelbase :( [^] (at 2:28 you can see tire is alive)

My other related thread which are still reviewed for no good reason at all :( [^] (Regarding visual damages)

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Bohemia added a subscriber: NettisK.Mar 9 2013, 1:56 PM

I agree - I felt quite bad just now commenting on some of the hundred's of problems ARMA3 still has and then I realized this is 2013 - games have a moved a long way in the last few years. ARMA3 needs some major work still to be up there with the polished titles like ... (dare I say) BF3 etc. Assuming this Alpha is anything to go by.

Agreed. For example, GTA IV had one of the best tyre destruction simulation ever.

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Never thought about this problem. But now I've remembered, UPVOTED! Because the wheel destruction in Arma 3 at the moment sucks balls!

T-Bone added a subscriber: T-Bone.May 7 2016, 11:57 AM

Sucks balls of the frog that prevents devs from fixing it to be exact, this was reviewed since Arma 3 Alpha times, seems like they got only 2 dudes in their development team...

Be well worth a little TLC on this.

Koolio added a subscriber: Koolio.May 7 2016, 11:57 AM

arma 3 is not realistic at anything really, just drove my car at 15km through a bush, hit a rock (really the size of it should have gone underneath the car, both front tires gone..

seriously wtf

not the first time ofc, pretty easy to break car front tires in this game, And it seems AI practically lose there fucking front tires of any 4wheel vehicle after like 5mins of giving them move orders.. because they just drive into rock walls.. I mean seriously stop making it so damn stupid, car front tires don't just fall off or break that easy! And its an EFFING GAME, at least make it a little less rubbish to counter the AI ineptness.

Yep totally agree - small obstacles still do far too much damage to vehicles wheels and engine. And wheels damage does look odd the way the wheels just disappear. Better general damage modelling and fire simulation (off topic) is what's needed.