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No way to filter "votes" in feedback tracker
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Theres no way to filter for "votes" in the feedback tracker.

This should be added as a search function quickly.

Best regards.


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Yes, this is a feature of the FT we are looking to add a.s.a.p.

Thanks for the info!

Added a link to the main menu(View Votes), to a simple vote view page.

<b>Three important missing features:</b>

  1. Theres no way to tell on which page you are
  2. Theres no "next page", "previous page" button
  3. Either the refreshrate of the voting page is to low or it is bugged.

For example: My new report (ID: 0004635) about mid range texture improvement has now reached 60 votes and is not noted in the list at the according place.

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I think the voting is not that useful anyway.. looking at the female soldier thread. Plus that people are down voting things that does not even concern them. I hope that the Devs will look past just the amount of votes it gets.

Mass close.