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Slight lag when using binoculars
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In game, when using the binoculars there is a slight delay during which the game is unresponsive.

The engine seems to be loading something and lags for less than a second.

This is a minor issue but goes against the global need for polish. Resolving this issue would greatly improve the perceived fluidity of gameplay.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a game, single or multiplayer.
  1. Equip binoculars
  1. Observe the slight lag between the normal view and the binocular view.

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I've noticed that if you use the binoculars while in 3rd person view, the game smoothly zooms in to the binoculars view.

The duration of the zoom seems to equal the slight pause felt when using the binoculars while in 1st person view, so maybe the game is invisibly trying to "zoom" in while in 1st person and that's what causing the delay.

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Didn't experienced this, maybe your hardware is the problem? Game needs to load a higher level of LODs for models, some of them probably will be read from HD, that's where your problem might be.

Maybe that's the case, as I'm using a HD. Are you using an SSD?

I'm using a HD and i don't have this issue.
Probably general HW related

Same here i don't have that issue too :S

ViiK added a comment.Mar 12 2013, 12:02 PM

I do use ssd but in principal it should work properly with hd as well. Try with different settings of rendering for "objects quality" and "landscape quality".

Here's a more detailed description of the issue;

  1. In first person view, when pressing b, the "equip binoculars animation" starts playing
  2. When the binoculars are a few centimeters from the eyes of the player avatar, the is a very slight pause in the animation.
  3. The magnified view shows up.

I'll post a video later so the people can confirm that it's only on my side.


In hindsight I don't thing it's related to SSD / HD loading, because I have ton's of VRAM / RAM (4gb/16Gb) and the objects LOD should be cached. Nevertheless I'll try to play with the detail settings later.

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video here:

You can clearly see that the lag is present in 1st person view, but not in 3rd person view.

Closing due to lack of activity for over 5 months. If this issue/request is still valid in the latest dev build, please create a new ticket or ask for this one to be re-opened.