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All audio disappears except some environment and microphone sounds
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Every now and again all of my audio goes except for people talking on their mics and some environment sounds.

I am using my Z77 Sabertooth motherboards onboard sound with the latest Realtek HD audio driver.

Whether or not it is my onboard sound card that is causing the problem I don't know, it will be interesting to know if anyone with a dedicated PCI/PCI-E sound card has experienced this.


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Seems to be random.

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Had this issue also yesterday. I'm using Logitech G930 headset. Didn't have time to watch the issue more closely but next time it happens I will if nobody hasn't done that already.

Im using Seinnheiser HD555 Headphones Along with the stuff I mentioned in the report.

This happens to me, only if I switch team (or units). :(

i had this exact problem when i switched units after my original unit was killed.

See #0001372.

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