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Compass and minimap
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The Compass is bit to tiny its not possible to read the degrees. Also the minimap position is in the center of the screen it would be much better if it would be in the right corner. Thx


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See also #462, #797, #1749, #1480, #2881 and #2990.

I think that the Minimap (GPS) is alright on the center of the screen because you want to keep the head up while you looking at the map, that way if enemy spot you can easily see him than if the Minimap is in a corner or something.

The GPS minimap simulates looking at it through your headset mounted monacle, which is also why it has and LCD look and feel and is partially transparent. Like it or hate it, I'm pretty sure it's by design. Works great for driving, sucks while fighting, as it probably would in real life?

Duplicate of #0000462.