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Tactical crouch is too fast
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Tactical movement is faster crouched than standing.
It looks way too fast and makes it absolutely worthless to be walking with your gun up, you present a bigger target, more inaccurate and are slower.

Also the animation is pretty wonky, the back looks unnaturally bent.


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Play as a man, move around in tactical standing and crouched.

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Everyone looks like crabs running around half standing.

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It's not totally unrealistic but it would be very fatiguing to run like that for extended time in real life.

Personally, I agree that the tactical crouch needs to be slowed down a little, or, as Helari suggested, it needs to be significantly more tiring than tactical standing pace. I like the latter idea better.

I think it needs to be slower than standing tactical pace. If it's kept as is, which is faster, then noone will ever stand when in a firefight...

Exactly, tactical standing as it is now is completely redundant.

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additionaly your aim in standing is pretty bad in comparison...I do understand that you can aim better if you sit and support your weapon with your legs or if you lay down, what i dont see is why you can shoot more pecise in bending down your top half also you dont have a much better stance and its more stressful on your back even with a big backpack shoulderd?

As @Make Love Not War said i agree it should be more demanding on your stanigma and beeing influenced with the weight your carring on your back aand holding in your hands. And i would say actually also influencing your aim to the worse or at least be as bad as...

+1, the difference between tactical and normal crouch speed is BARELY noticeable, however when standing it cuts your speed in half. Doesn't make sense.

Also, I think your aim while moving at tactical pace while crouched should be worse than the standing version.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback

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Issue was looked into and fixed.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it.

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