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Dedicated server crashes
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Dedicated server crashes on certin missions (mostly all coop) and runs fine with 30 people with PVP missions. if the missions are hosted by a client then nothing crashes on the same mission. {F17615}


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run dedicated server, play a coop mission like ( ) but it also happens with our in house made missions

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also happens with the coop missions that came with the beta

Are you still encountering these crashes?

Please don't Report about Dedicated Servers since they DO NOT Exist.
Headless Clients are not Dedicated Servers !!!

Make Sure the Custom MISSIONS are Scripted properly for MULTIPLAYER. Lots of missions have Scripts added by people who do not understand the way the GAME Engine behaves and run scripts on Each Client when in fact that 1 script should only be run on the server. Tons of missions like that on

Also take a look at Memory Leak Report.

As a Solution Restart Your Server every 2-3 hours to minimize memory footprint.

@Lt_Lyko : please do not tell reporters what to not report or report and let moderators and developers do their job. Thank you.

We are already working on the fix for this issue and we need a feedback from the creator of this issue

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