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Bullets can not damage a player that is in water.
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Have only tested this in multiplayer, You can not shoot a player that is underwater while you are not in the water. If the player is half out of the water you will be able to shoot the top half but not the parts that are under. Please note I did not test this with the underwater gun.


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Have some one jump in the water and shoot at them with basically any gun (did not test it with the underwater gun) and you will not be able to hit them. Pretty much making water bullet proof.

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Mythbusters explained it took a few feet of water to halt some types of bullets, a inch right now in game will do this.

I think this includes low angle shots to ricochet from the water as they do. This effect should occur on every battle land sea or air.

a bullet should realistically travel about a foot or two before they become non-lethal. I do see your point but i can live with this problem.

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Its defiantly not the most important bug that needs fixing, but it makes battles between divers and people on the beach very awkward. I guess I should not of put the priority to high, but all the same the bug is there and Im just reporting it.

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Duplicate of #0002453.